About Us

NCCU was established on July 1, 1989 in Chia Yi County. It was a public university funded by the ministry of education of the national government. Five days later (on July 6) the chief comptroller of Executive Yuan of the National Government approved the quota to establish the Accounting Office within the university to manage the fund. The first appointed Director of the Office was Mr. Yao-Lin Li, who was then concurrently serving at National Taiwan University affiliated Veterinary Teaching Hospital. In November of 1989, Mr. Li was transferred to Taipei Institute of Technology. Ms. Xiu-Ying Wang, who formerly was the Director of National Tainan Teachers College Accounting Office, took over the position. Ms.Wang retired on 17th August 2001, and Mr. Hong-Cha Choe, Ms.Shu Yuan Chien, and Mr. Chi-Chang Hsieh consecutively headed the office. The current director is Mr. HSIEH,SHENG-WEN.

Table of Organization

Appointment YearPersonnel
DirectorChief of Division Accountant AssistantTotal
July 198910034
August 199113037
April 199613149

The mission of the Accounting Office is to provide budgetary administration that supports teaching, research and community service of the university. The Office strives to improve work efficiency by simplifying and reducing administrative procedures to provide quality and transparent service.

Job Responsibilities:
The Office takes charge of the university’s annual budget and all accounts related to teaching, research and other services of the university operations. It conducts internal auditing, and manages personnel budget, budgetary record depositary and statistical summarization. The Office handled the government appropriations from the year of its establishment in 1989 through 1996. Since 1997, the accounting managing procedures of this Office has been changed from the government budgeting accounting formation to the new formation as an autonomous nonprofit funding system. The fund is termed “the University Administration Fund”.

Future Prospects:
Since the Office started to manage the University Administration Fund, the accounting system has implemented new system to improve management efficiency and effectiveness. The office has implemented fully computerized accounting procedures. The automated system, paired with the modern management accounting and cost accounting concepts, has greatly upgraded the Office in establishing performance standard and the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the use of the University Administration Fund.